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Kyra Sedgwick Network is an unofficial fansite for actress Kyra Sedgwick, and is run by Jess. The site is hosted by The Fan Sites Network.

Kyra Sedgwick Network was created by Maggie in 2007 (?) and taken over by Samantha in January 2009. I, Jess, joined as a co-web for Samantha at the end of that January, and a couple of months later Samantha left the site and I became the owner!

I can’t speak for Maggie and Samantha, but the reason I want to run a site for Kyra is because of her incredible, sassy and memorable performances as Brenda Johnson on The Closer. What could be just another crime show is made special by the unique touch Kyra brings to it, plus the chemistry she has with all of her other co-stars. I’m interested to learn more about her, and support and promote her through a fansite. She’s one of the more unique female tv stars, and so deserves a tribute to her online!

You can contact me here, and find my other sites and interests at my collective.

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