Preview clip of Kyra on Brooklyn 99

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Kyra attends The United Nations 2014 Equator Prize Gala – Photos

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First Look: Kyra Sedgwick Guest Stars on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The Closer vet Kyra Sedgwick returns to the force in an arresting guest stint beginning Oct. 5. Sedgwick will appear in two episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch, who shares an acrimonious history with Captain Holt (Andre Braugher).
“Kyra brings so much presence and gravitas to the role — exactly the traits needed to stand off against Andre Braugher,” says executive producer Dan Goor. “And she pitched one of the funniest flashbacks that we’ve ever done!”
The Season 2 premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Sunday, Sept. 28, 8:30/7:30c, on Fox.


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Kyra Sedgwick will guest star on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Kyra Sedgwick has just closed a deal to return to TV: She will guest-star in two episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine this season, EW has learned.
Sedgwick, whose seven-season run on The Closer ended in 2012, will play a different kind of deputy chief—Madeline Wuntch, the steely longtime rival of Captain Holt (Andre Braugher, who received an Emmy nomination earlier this month). Now in a higher-ranking position than Holt, Deputy Chief Wuntch is evaluating all of the precincts, and she’s aiming to take him down—along with the rest of the Nine-Nine.
She will make her first appearance in the second episode of season two, which is scheduled to air Oct. 5 on Fox.


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Kyra Q&A in The Hollywood Reporter

So why has this play been kicking your ass?
It’s a tour-de-force. She’s in every single scene. It runs the gamut emotionally. And it’s a lot of words. I’m kind of a perfectionist, and I’m used to doing things to the point where I feel like they’re as close to perfect as I can get them, and that’s just not possible in a situation like this. I don’t remember working on a new play where the writer was there, tweaking and changing all the time. That’s been exciting and terrifying because things get changed, and you go, “Okay, I had that stepping stone that was taking me to this and now that’s gone, and now I have to re-think this whole section.”


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First trailer for ” Reach Me”

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